13 Ways That Accessories Can Update Boring Outfits

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Dressing up is not only fun but is also essential to look good when you step out of that door. Many mistakes dressing up as vanity but in reality, it is an essential need to look good and be appreciated. No matter how well you do your work at your office, if you are not dressed well, people will notice and comment about that too.


This does not mean you need to wear a branded outfit every day to work. You can make do with a few essential pieces and keep adding to it as you go. If you feel your outfit are boring but are still good enough to be retained, you can always make a difference with your accessories.

Here is how you can update your wardrobe with just a few accessories. You can also click here to read Maurielle’s guide.

  1. A simple chain added to the dress with a wide neckline can make it look more dressy and classy
  2. A good bag can change the entire appearance of the outfit. It can make the outfit go from a day look to a night look in a minute.
  3. A different type of heel or a different color of footwear can make the outfit look brighter
  4. Dangling earrings can make the outfit look more party like and take all the attention away from the attire
  5. A simple bracelet can make your arms look dainty and more sophisticated.
  6. Add a few buttons to that boring old dress and make it look different.
  7. A simple belt to your dress can change the silhouette of the outfit and the fit too
  8. A nice watch can make you look more professional or classy
  9. Pair up your sunglasses with your day look and look more sophisticated and dressed up instantly
  10. You can even wear a hat to look different and add another element to the outfit
  11. Bangles can not only add a different look to your outfit but can become a style statement too
  12. Have an evening dress you have used too many times? Pair a nice necklace and earrings with it to make the entire outfit look new and different
  13. Your evening dress when used for too many parties, can be changed to a day dress with a good hobo bag.