Month: August 2018

Meal Prep: 12 Cheap Meals You Can Make on a Budget

We all love to live the life to the fullest but we do curb our actions because of budget constraints. Today, so many different restaurants and cafes open in almost every corner of the street. The name of the eatery itself makes the foodie in us to salivate. However, we try to resist this great temptation when we check our pockets. Nevertheless, here are twelve appetizing ideas that make a full four-course meal, which you can use to try when you are tight on a budget.

Starting with Soups, here are two ideas

  1. Hot Lentil Soup – This may seem very frugal but it is very nutritious and almost runs in most families for generations.
  2. Broccoli Almond Soup – True to its name, the soup is simply irresistible, creamy, and filled with the best of both the greens and the nuts.

Moving on to Salads, here are two ideas again

  1. Spinach Salad accompanied with Chickpeas, Quinoa, and Semi-Spicy Paprika Dressing – This salad is fresh and rich in proteins mainly because of the ingredients.
  2. Chicken Salad with Lemon & Thyme – Chicken salad is an all-time classic and the extra flavors of lemon and thyme complete the dish.

Going in for the Appetizers, do try one of these two

  1. Potatoes Stuffed Bell Peppers – This is yet another simple yet very appealing to the eye dish mainly because of the different colors used and it tastes great.
  2. Chickpea Pan Bread – This yummy starter with its creamy feta cheese, crunchy croutons, and nutritious chickpeas will find a place both in your tummy and in your heart.

Bringing in three Main Course ideas to your table

  1. One-Pot Pasta with Home Ingredients – You might think the main courses are time-consuming until you try one-pot cooking. This pasta is simple and can be varied based on the ingredients available at your homes including tomatoes, spinach, chicken, and tuna topped with onions, garlic, parsley, oregano, and maybe a bit of cheese.
  2. Baked Potatoes and Meat – Once again, this is a one-utensil dish that requires minimal ingredients and the least prep time. Vary the ingredients and let your oven work its magic in bringing it out the flavors.
  3. Spicy Garlic Honey Glazed Chicken – A mix of different flavors, both sweet and spicy, will send your taste buds to heaven and back.

For the final course, here is a list of three Desserts that you can try

  1. Oatmeal Cupcakes loaded with Walnuts & Raisins – These baked mini cups are not only sweet but is filled with the goodness of fiber and dry fruits, which makes it easy on the stomach.
  2. Apple Oatmeal with a dash of Cinnamon – It not only sounds yummy but also tastes and smells wonderful when you serve it on the table.
  3. Chocolate Pudding – An all time favorite that no chocolate lover will resist. With simple ingredients, this can be made in less than 15 minutes in your microwave.

Cooked food does not necessarily have to be junk and oily. You can make it healthy yet delicious using a range of different ingredients. Healthy meals are known to keep you fit and happy, both from the inside and on the outside. In addition to healthy meals, you may include supplements to see visible results in a short span of time. Check out what people have to say regarding weight loss pills at Go ahead, live a healthy and happy life for a better tomorrow.…

The Foods You Should Never Buy Again

As we all know junk foods are not good for our health, we should never buy it again. So, it is the first thing on this list I can say. Because the junk foods contain high cholesterol and fat which will lead to body obesity and many digestion problems. There are many floods we should never buy it again and let us take a look at those foods and try to avoid getting it.

  • Bottled and tinned items:

We are very much interested in buying the tinned items like juices and cool drinks. But it is not at all a healthy food because it contains many preservatives and artificial flavors which will add taste to those items. So that many people will get addicted to the taste and cone forward to buy it.

  • Sandwiches:

The sandwiches which have been made already and gets heated again in the microwave should not be bought again from the shops. It is really a waste of money and it will definitely spoil our digestive system.

  • White rice:

The most common item we all purchase often is the white rice. But it should not be the case because the white rice is full of carbohydrates which will increase the diabetes level in our body. So, try reducing the white rice and start using the brown rice.

  • Snacks packets:

Who do not like the packet snacks? No one. The children will rush to the shops to buy the packed snacks. It is really made up of wax and plastics which will have many side effects. The parents should teach their children about the negative effects of eating those snacks and make them understand and avoid buying it.

  • Popcorn:

Popcorn is the most loved food by the kids. We can make it at home instead of buying from the shops which have been already made a week before and microwaved it again and again. So, stop buying it from the shops and start buying some excellent foods. It contains turmeric+ forskolin which will have many negative effects on our body.…

Essential Equipment Owning Your First Dog

Welcoming a canine member to your home is one of the most precious feelings you will ever experience. The sheer happiness that your fur baby brings into your life cannot be quantified. So ensure you do the best to make her comfortable and safe in the new environment. Here are the equipment you need to baby-proof, well – puppy proof your home.

  • Collars and leash: Even if you don’t want to leash your puppy, having the habit of being on a leash is essential for her. Introducing a leash at a later stage will leave your grown up puppy agitated and barking. Choose a comfortable collar with enough give to adjust for at least 3 – 4 months to come as puppies grow superfast.
  • Bed: Dogs are den animals, which means they like a territory they can call their own and be comfortable inside when you are away, or at night. Choose a comfortable bed, with the best dog steps for high bed if you choose to keep the bed somewhere elevated. The steps give her some much needed exercise and can be fun to play around.
  • Grooming kit: Small breeds like Shih-tzu shed very little, whereas golden retriever, Labradors will shed all over the place. You need a fine toothed comb to work out loose hair, dirt, fleas and ticks. You should also get a nail clipper and clip her nails regularly to ensure they don’t touch the ground when walking. In addition to being painful for the puppy, long nails are also dangerous to exposed skin, bedding and furniture.
  • Bowls & toys: Keep separate bowls for food and water, as well as a few good chew toys in her bed and around the house for her to play around freely.