Month: August 2018

Essential Equipment Owning Your First Dog

Welcoming a canine member to your home is one of the most precious feelings you will ever experience. The sheer happiness that your fur baby brings into your life cannot be quantified. So ensure you do the best to make her comfortable and safe in the new environment. Here are the equipment you need to baby-proof, well – puppy proof your home.

  • Collars and leash: Even if you don’t want to leash your puppy, having the habit of being on a leash is essential for her. Introducing a leash at a later stage will leave your grown up puppy agitated and barking. Choose a comfortable collar with enough give to adjust for at least 3 – 4 months to come as puppies grow superfast.
  • Bed: Dogs are den animals, which means they like a territory they can call their own and be comfortable inside when you are away, or at night. Choose a comfortable bed, with the best dog steps for high bed if you choose to keep the bed somewhere elevated. The steps give her some much needed exercise and can be fun to play around.
  • Grooming kit: Small breeds like Shih-tzu shed very little, whereas golden retriever, Labradors will shed all over the place. You need a fine toothed comb to work out loose hair, dirt, fleas and ticks. You should also get a nail clipper and clip her nails regularly to ensure they don’t touch the ground when walking. In addition to being painful for the puppy, long nails are also dangerous to exposed skin, bedding and furniture.
  • Bowls & toys: Keep separate bowls for food and water, as well as a few good chew toys in her bed and around the house for her to play around freely.