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Finde den perfekten Kitedrachen für dich

Finding a perfect sail for your kite is an Art.  If the selection is not done properly it will hamper the happiness of this wonderful water sport.

Use the below tips while selecting a sail:

If you are learner choose the kite that that is comfortable for your learning experience.  Choose the right kite based on your skill level.  To begin with, a simple sail will cater to your needs perfectly till you complete your lessons and fine tune your sailing skills for the initial years.  You can go for a high end one if you are confident about your skills and had more experience in waters.

The board should not be too small or too big to manage.   Select the appropriate gear level based on the level of skill and experience. Reputed vendors like kitesurf shop help in making you select the right sail.  Discuss your needs freely with the vendor.  Go in for one spot shop for all the related requirements like accessories for better bargain and service.

The sail should be right for your height and weight.  This will be the first and foremost point you must discuss with the seller.  The sail should offer adequate support for dimensions of your body.   With experience, you tend to move fast and hence ensure that your sail does not let you down.

The harness is used for transferring the pull of kite to your body.  Select which harness will suit you the best.  Waist harness gives more scope for movement but seat harness is suitable for beginners.  So a learner should go in for a seat harness. A good experienced sailor can go in for waist harness so that ample range for movement is available.

Good stability is yet another important factor to choose a sail.  A sail with good stability can be used in calm as well as rough waters.

Decide the sail depending on wind speeds you are planning to ride.  Wind speed will help to select the proper gear range.

Do not compromise on the safety features of the sail.