The Best Face Serums For Dry Skin, Age-Defying & Glow

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After I hit my thirties, serum has become my unforgettable routine:

The entire day that I spend in the air-conditioned environment at work and sometimes at the site makes my skin go stretchy and taut when I remove makeup and get ready to hit the bed. A couple of years ago, I read about a very high profile makeup artist called kasiljean who spoke about the importance of using serums for the skin in order to undo the damage that wearing makeup for long hours can do and also bring about instant changes in the skin health.

What exactly are serums?

Serums contain highly concentrated ingredients that can be the quickest fix for all the skin woes. The active ingredients used in it are so potent that the effect is visible in very less time.

There are serums for skin health, serum for instant glow on the face or body parts, even age-defying serums that help the tissues rejuvenate from excessive wear and tear.

You name it and there is a serum for it!

After using a lot of them, these are the ones that I would like to recommend to anyone who needs advice on it.

Eucerin Hyaluronic Filler:

This is a peeling mask cum serum and that is why I love it. Daily application at bedtime can mean reducing even the finest wrinkles and the skin looking plump and baby soft. The price is just right to fit into your budget at less than $40. The product has worked wonders for me.

C Antioxidant Glow:

Haven’t we heard makeup artists telling us to include vitamin C in our diet? Antioxidants, whether taken orally or applied on to the skin, can reduce the ill effects of pollution, UV radiations and the after effect of wearing makeup for too long in the day. The active ingredients used are the concentrate from Kakadu plum and ferulic acid. Simply love this product.